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Tyler Farley, 7, Brings Gun to School, Mom is Arrested

Deborah Farley, mother of second grader Tyler Farley who showed up at school with a semi-automatic handgun, has been arrested in Queens, New York.

Deborah was charged on Thursday night with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, and one count each of endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful possession of a weapon, reports The Daily Mail.

Tyler's father Walter Orozco told the New York Post: ""I don't know how that gun got into my son's book bag. We don't own any guns."

Orozco said his son was afraid to go to school because he was bullied.

Both Tyler and his 10-year-old sister have been placed in the custody of social services..

Deborah dropped her son off at Wave Preparatory School in Far Rockaway, New York, but when she returned home, someone in the home told her that Tyler may have gone to school with a gun in his backpack.

Deborah drove back to the school and signed her son out, claiming she had to take him to the dentist. She then searched the backpack and asked the boy whether he had seen the gun, which Tyler said he had given to another child.

Deborah and her son drove back to the school, told principal what had happened and the school went into lockdown.

School safety agents did another search of Tyler's backpack and found a .22-caliber pistol, a magazine with 10 rounds and at least seven more bullets in a plastic bag. There was also a flare gun.

Police are investigating if one of Tyler’s older brothers put the gun in the bag, or if Tyler found it and put it in the backpack himself.


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