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Boy Misdiagnosed For Two Years Dies (Photo)

A boy in the U.K. who was misdiagnosed for two years and given painkillers when he had arthritis has died.

The hospital in Blackpool, England, where Kaden Hadfield was treated, has launched an investigation into the case, Daily Mail reported.

Caitlin Tattersall, Kaden's mother, repeatedly took Kaden to the hospital over several months to find out what was wrong after pain began spreading from his ankle.

The first doctor to see Kaden diagnosed him with a sprained ankle. But the pain spread to his other joints, including his knees and hands.

"It was worse in the morning, he couldn't walk, he couldn't even scratch his own nose his hands were so swollen and stiff," Tattersall told the Daily Mail.

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As Kaden's condition worsened, Tattersall had to help him get to school.

"We got referred to a physio -- the therapist said I was doing too much for Kaden and that's why he wasn't able to do things himself. I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall," she added.

She explained how he gradually became immune to the pain.

"He had been so unwell for so long he never even complained from the pain, but he needed help. I was taking him to school -- he was sitting through it and not complaining," Tattersall said.

Eventually, Kaden got an appointment at a children's hospital. Doctors were so shocked by his condition they initially thought it was leukemia, but they later diagnosed him with childhood arthritis.

He was given a course of steroids, which began to improve his condition. However, things soon took a turn for the worse.

"It was heartbreaking, the last time I saw Kaden he was in intensive care, they had his chest open, I could see his heart and lungs," added Tattersall.

The cause of death was sepsis caused by Kaden's arthritis. Kaden was just 5 years old.

"They tried to save him for 13 hours. But I don't understand. I feel like if Kaden had just had the medication he needed earlier he would be here today," she added.

Tattersall, who is training to be a social worker, is looking for answers from the inquest.

"I want everyone to know. How can a healthy boy go from having a sore ankle two years ago to being gone?" she said.

In total, Kaden had reportedly taken 20 trips to the hospital before he was diagnosed correctly, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, Manchester Evening News / Photo credit: Academy Foot and Ankle, MEN Media via Daily Mail

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