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Family Given Family Member's Severed Limbs Instead Of Their Belongings At A Local Hospital

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A tragic event that occurred in 2011 quickly turned disturbing when a man died after an incident that resulted in the accidental amputation of his arm and fingers. The man, Bradley Beckwith, was working as a farmer in West Virginia when his sweatshirt string became tangled in a power takeoff shaft, according to NBC 29. The accident resulted in the severing of his arm and fingers, and Beckwith ultimately died at the University of Virginia Medical Center. When his family — including his wife Chandra and his in-laws Rocky and Betty Sharp — arrived at the hospital, they were given what they believed to be a bag of his belongings, but what ultimately turned out to be his dismembered limbs. 

Bradley’s father Ronnie Beckwith explained the incident that occurred. 

“They got ready to leave and the nurse said ‘you can take Bradley’s belongings with you’ so he just picked the bag up that they handed him and left. When he got to the house he took the bag out and put it in the building. Chandra said ‘you might want to go out and get Bradley’s wallet because the bag felt wet. When he went out to get the wallet, he reached in and grabbed a hold of Bradley’s arm...that’s about where he lost it,” Beckwith said.

The family subsequently sued the hospital for their mistake, and settled after a several-months-long lawsuit. 

Although the incident was undeniably disturbing, Beckwith explained. "It’s pretty devastating. It was already bad enough that I lost him. I still think the hospital is a very good hospital. I think that they need to rethink their higher up in the hospital," Beckwith said. 


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