Two Teen Girls in Oregon Lift 3,000-pound Tractor to Save Their Dad


When Jeff Smith of Lebanon, Ore., was pinned down by his overturned tractor, his teen daughters managed to lift the 3,000-pound machine off him.

Haylee, 14, and Hannah Smith, 16, first tried to dig their father out from under the red tractor, after they heard his screams Monday afternoon. Then they managed to lift the tractor from his chest, freeing his torso enough so that he could breathe.

Smith, 36, had been trying to remove a tree stump from their yard when the tractor flipped. The girls were just getting home from school when they heard him yell.

"We heard: 'Save me. Help me, God,'" Haylee told the Democrat-Herald.

Smith said that each time he yelled it became harder and harder for him to breathe.

"I was losing more and more breath every time I screamed," he said.

After calling 911, the girls lifted the tractor so that their father could breathe. A neighbor then used his own tractor to pull Smith out.

"If these two hadn't have been here to hear me…" Smith said. "They saved my life."

Hannah said the rush of adrenaline she had at the time left her tired the next day.

“I felt like an 80-year-old getting out of bed,” she said.

The family has nicknamed the red tractor “Satan.”

Smith said neighbors not only came to his aid, they also tilled his garden and removed the obstinate stump.

Sources: NY Daily News, Democrat-Herald


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