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Twins Spend Thousands To Look Like Brad Pitt (Photos)

Twins Spend Thousands To Look Like Brad Pitt (Photos) Promo Image

Twin brothers from Arizona spent thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery to look like actor Brad Pitt.

Matt and Mike Schlepp underwent the makeover for MTV's "I Want A Famous Face" and spent about $20,000 to achieve the look, reports the Daily Mail. They were 21 when they had the procedures.

The duo had nose jobs and chin implants. They also both got veneers on their teeth. Mike also underwent surgery for jaw and cheek implants.

The procedures took months and often left them both unable to eat solid food.

Despite the hefty investment of time and money, neither regrets a thing.

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Matt says the transformation improved his chances with women considerably.

"It was more than worth it," said Matt. "I would do it ten times over. It has definitely helped me get more girls. I'll walk and get that double-take from girls and hear the whispering that follows. I've had such a dramatic change that girlfriends I hadn't seen in awhile couldn't stop staring, and said they wanted to cry! If that doesn't make you feel good, then what would?"

Mike agrees, and even encourages others undergo surgery, if they want to.

"I never knew that I could be as happy as I am right now," he said. "I feel on top of the world by the few tweaks that I went through. Go through with the surgery now because you don't want to go through life always feeling down with the way that you look."

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Some were supportive of the men's transformations.

"Money well spent for such an accurate likeness," commented one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "Good for them."

"They look fab worth it," added another woman in the Lad Bible's comments section.

A few didn't think they looked like Brad Pitt now but thought the young men looked handsome.

"They look nothing like Brad Pitt but it's a definite improvement on the before pictures," said another.

Others were unimpressed.

"Our country has so many mental health issues, I sincerely feel sorry for these kids," said one.

"Is nobody happy with what they're born with anymore?" commented another. "As long as you're born with all 4 limbs, you don't really have a lot to complain about imo, The constant pressure to be glamorous, popular and have a million Instagram followers is a bit crazy, But having surgery to look like someone doesn't make you as 'cool' as them nor does it make you as popular, that's down to you and your personality."

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