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Twins Could Be Born Four Months Apart (Video)

Holli Gorveatt recently gave birth to her son Link, but she’s due to give birth to his twin, Logan, in January (Video below). Though it may seem improbable, Link was born at 23 weeks, weighing just 1 lb., 2 oz. but doctors managed to keep Logan inside Gorveatt’s womb, ABC News reported

Link and Logan had Twin Transfusion Syndrome, meaning the fetuses shared the same placenta. "It's rather like having two plants growing out of the same pot," Dr. Martin Walker told KOMO news.

“They send their umbilical cords down into the placenta, the 'roots' go out through the placenta, these are the blood vessels.  And where they touch each other, they join together and they allow blood to flow freely between babies. All identical twins sharing a placenta have these connections. 

“About 20% of them get into a situation where one baby gives the other baby more blood than he gets back.  So you have a situation where one baby becomes anemic and weak from blood loss and the other baby becomes over stuffed with blood, bloated and goes into heart failure."

Though Link was severely premature and dealing with heart and lung issues, he’s growing stronger and Logan has not shown signs of arriving early.  "She remains pregnant just about a week and a half since that procedure,” Martin said. “And it's a real big week and a half for that baby that's in there. During that time the baby has grown, looks healthy.”

Gorveatt is on bed rest, but if all goes according to plan, the twins will be born four months apart, which might be a world record. 

The family is currently trying to raise money to offset the cost of their medical bills. So far, they’ve raised, more than $3,000 of their $7,500 goal.

Sources: ABC News, GoFundMe, KOMO News Image via GoFundMe


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