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TV News Reporter Warns People Not To Ask Women About Having Kids

Stacia Naquin, who reports for KPNX in Phoenix, wrote an op-ed for the station's website on Nov. 23 lecturing family, friends and strangers not to ask her -- or any other woman -- when she plans on having children.

Naquin's op-ed, entitled "Think before asking why I don't have kids yet," recalled how she "tried for years to get pregnant," and finally did over a year ago.

Naquin said that her fetus was fine during her eight-week visit to a doctor. She remembered how she and her husband placed their "baby's first picture on the fridge."

However, only a few days before a doctor's appointment at the 12-week mark, Naquin had a miscarriage.

The news reporter went on to say that most people were not aware of her pregnancy, her miscarriage, her attempts for years to become pregnant, the postpartum depression that she suffered or the medications that she took.

"Most people don't know, because it's something we chose not to share -- for a variety of reasons," Naquin wrote. "So why say something now?

"I want to lend support to other couples like us. But I want to do that by sharing a message with everyone else: Stop asking when we're going to have kids."

Naquin told people not to ask this common question to women during the holidays because there may be couples who are dealing with "fertility struggles that you know nothing about." She added that it "doesn't matter" if they are related to these couples, know them well or "feel entitled to know."

Naquin said that the question, "why don't you have kids?" may actually feel more like an attack. "It can feel like someone pointing out a failure," she wrote. "It can remind the couple, or individual, of the saddest days and the biggest disappointments they've ever faced."

Naquin then recalled being asked the question about two weeks after her miscarriage by someone who wasn't aware of what she went through.

Naquin reminded the public that she and her husband will inform them when they need to know any information about this topic; she also posted links to various support groups for anyone going through what she and her husband are.

FTVLive, a TV news blog, questioned the timing of Naquin 's revelation, noting that it was suspicious, and asking why Naquin came out about this story now. "Because, as the blog says, we're headed into the holiday season (and only a couple nights of sweeps, left) and they want to lend support to people who are struggling," they wrote.

"Here's hoping at some point, stations get a [conscience] and stop trying to capitalize on the misfortunes of their employees during February, May and November."

Sources: KPNX, FTVLive / Photo Credit: FTVLive

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