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Former TV News Anchor Blames Her Shoplifting On Depression Over Aging (Video)

On Feb. 17, Martha Vazquez, a former TV news anchor for KVOA in Tucson, Arizona,appeared on the "Today" show and recalled how her career came to an end in 2012 after she was caught shoplifting in a department store (video below).

Vazquez was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie, who disclosed that she used to work with Vazquez and they are close friends, prompting to report that the interview was not exactly "fair and balanced."

Vazquez told Guthrie how she felt depressed in 2012 because she was growing older and feared that her TV news career might be coming to an end.

Vazquez recalled that during the depression, she took a blouse from a store. When she was caught by a security guard, she reportedly told him that she did not intend to pay for the item.

Vazquez was subsequently asked to resign from KVOA.

"I think that I just wanted to stop the madness," Vazquez told Guthrie. "I wanted to stop my unhappiness, and I didn't know how to do it myself. I think I knew deep down in my heart that if I shoplifted something, you know, just like any other crime, you would lose your job. So, instead of saying 'goodbye' to KVOA and having a lovely farewell and doing it the right way, that's the way I did it and I will regret that until the day I die."

Vazquez recalled feeling suicidal after the incident, and she moved with her family to Washington state where she got help from a psychiatrist and a hypnotherapist.

Vazquez has now moved back to Tucson to open a hypnotherapy practice.

"It's unusual circumstances, but I think a lot of people can relate to not dealing with things that might be happening inside, acting out in a way that would be unexpected even to them," Guthrie said after the interview. "And I think most importantly she chose a graceful way back, I wish her the best."

Sources: Today, / Photo Credit: Today via YouTube

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