TV Chef Paula Deen Confirms She Has Type 2 Diabetes


Paula Deen has confirmed that she has Type 2 Diabetes, after being diagnosed three years ago. The famous southern cook sat down with Al Roker on The Today Show where she spoke about the latest rumors and the disease itself.

Why is Deen speaking out now to let the world know?  Besides working with a pharmaceutical company as a paid spokesperson to show diabetes in a new light, she wanted to show the disease “is not a death sentence”

Below you will find excerpts from the interview.

Roker:  Why did she wait so long to let people know she has diabetes?

Deen:  I had to figure things out in her own head.  I had to talk to my doctor.  She had nothing to give to her fellow friends out there.

Roker:  Did you not telling fans because it may damage your reputation?

Deen:  No, people are not going to quit eating.  I wanted to bring something to the table when I came forward.  I wanted to bring hope.

Roker asked if  the kind of foods she cooks leads to diabetes?  Many things can lead to eat it – genetics, stress, your lifestyle and age.  Babyboomers may have to face this.  Deen stated, “we are going to help you working on a having a full life without feeling like you are being punished.”

The exact cause of diabetes has not been determined but there are several risk factors including being overweight, race and genetics.

Will Deen change the way she cooks and eats?  I have always encouraged moderation.  I always cook these fattening recipes but everything in moderation.   You need to be tested and get on a program that works for you.  I have always eaten in moderation.

Deen stated, “When I cook on tv it’s for entertainment.  I don’t eat like that everyday.  I am your cook, not your doctor.”


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