Turkish Woman Derya Sert, 22, May Be First Woman With Implanted Uterus to Become Pregnant


A 22-year-old Turkish woman may become the first ever to give birth from a transplanted womb.

Derya Sert was born without a uterus. She underwent transplant surgery in August of 2011 and received a uterus from a dead donor.

According to Specialists at Akdeniz University Hospital, Sert had an embryo placed in her womb through in vitro fertilization earlier this week in hopes that she would be able to carry a child full-term.

On Friday, hospital spokeswoman Fusun Bas explained that, though it is too early to tell if the embryo effectively implanted, early test results were “consistent with the expected signs of pregnancy."

If the child is carried full-term and born healthy, it will provide women around the world who were born without a uterus, or who perhaps lost their uterus during an accident or sickness, a good sign and hope that they may be able to have children.

Sert was the first successful uterine transplant patient. In addition to her success, two Swedish women were also able to undergo successful mother-to-daughter uterine transplants, which were announced a couple of weeks after Sert’s operation.

If Sert is able to become pregnant, the baby is planned to be delivered via C-Section and the uterus will be removed from Sert as well in order to avoid any possible complications.

According to Hurriyet Daily News, a Turkish news source, one in 5,000 women worldwide is born without a uterus and is thus unable to bear children.

Sources: Daily NewsHurriyet Daily News


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