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Turkish Man Stops Smoking by Putting Cage Around Head

A man who smoked cigarettes for 26 years straight has found that the only way he can stop is by putting a cage over his head.

Ibrahim Yucel of Turkey said he tried many times to stop smoking, but couldn't. When he saw motorbike riders wearing helmets, he realized wearing something similar would be the only way he could stop.

Now, he lives every day with a cage on his head, giving the keys to his wife and daughter so he can't remove it himself.

Yucel, 42, said he was particularly motivated to stop after his father died from lung cancer. 

He admitted that he smoked two packs of cigarettes a day since high school. Yucel made the cage himself using 40 meters of copper wire. It took him almost a month.

He is able to eat and drink through small slots in the wires.

Sources: Fox, Huffington Post


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