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TSA: Little Old Lady Lying About Being Strip Searched

The TSA says an elderly New York woman who claims she was strip searched at Kennedy Airport is lying. But the feisty woman is holding to her story, saying it is TSA officials who are the liars.

Lenore Zimmerman, 85, told the New York Daily News that she was on her way to her winter home in Florida last Tuesday when she asked if she could skip the new full body x-ray machine. She said she feared it would interfere with her defibrillator.

So screeners took her into a private room where Zimmerman said they "pulled my pants down and then pulled down my underwear."

However the TSA is telling a very different story, telling the newspaper that “proper procedures were followed” and that a strip search “was not conducted in this case.”

“If that’s not strip-searching, I don’t know what else you’d call it," an angry Zimmerman told the News.

“They’re lying to protect their a-- because they’re afraid of being sued — and they will be sued. Why would I make up this story? In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t think of such a thing happening.”

Photo courtesy NY Daily News


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