Troubling Trend: Teens Getting Addicted to Bath Salts


It seems as though teenagers are finding new and more creative ways to get high these days.

According to experts, an increasing trend is developing which features teenagers and young adults catching a high from certain types of bath salts. It’s been noted that these bath salts are essentially equivalents to synthetic cocaine.

While names like “Sky Vanilla,” “White Knight” and “Charge” sound like street names for classic narcotics, in reality they are simply the brands of a product sold just about everywhere. And while the labels on the packages for these salts read that they are not for consumption by people,that doesn’t seem to particularly matter for the addicts.

Sold in packages about the size of tea bags, the bath salts have cocaine-like effects on whatever misguided individuals choose to abuse them.

In perhaps the biggest indicator of how rampant abuse of bath salts is becoming, authorities have noted that they have found an increased amount of empty packets on and by college campuses.

While a ban on bath salts isn’t expected any time soon, the seriousness of substance abuse shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Parents are encouraged to keep an eye on their children at all times, and to not simply write off strange or awkward behavior as a “phase.”


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