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Trouble In Daycare: Ohio Worker Accused of Drugging Kids’ Snacks

Tammy Eppley, a central Ohio daycare worker, was recently charged in Franklin County Municipal Court with six counts of child endangering. Her crime: sprinkling children’s snacks with drugs so that they’d sleep during nap time.

Fox News reports that “police in suburban Westerville say they obtained text messages in which she admits giving children the allergy drug Benadryl and Melatonin, a hormone and sleep aid.”

Eppley has tried to play off her text messages as being stricly “jokes,” or involved her “bragging about how they were all perfectly still and being quiet or asleep.” Eppley says that they were more along the lines of “`Good grief, I wish these kids would go to sleep, I wish I could drug them.’” She also says that she does “regret making that comment, obviously ... It was not, `I did it."'

However, the messages seemed to imply that her actions were not quite so innocent. She mentioned having almost been “discovered” by one of her kids at her daycare center, Caterpillar Clubhouse, who noted a funny taste to the sprinkles on top of their cupcake. Eppley also was accused of mixing Benadryl into the kids’ pancake batter and juice. 

Eppley claims she only administered the sleep aids after gaining permission from the children’s parents.

If Eppley is found guilty, says Inquisitr, “she will be the third Ohio day care worker found to be drugging her children to get them to sleep since 2010.”

Sources: Fox News, Inquisitr


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