Trick-Or-Treaters Receive Graphic Anti-Abortion Cards With Halloween Candy in Albuquerque


Trick-or-treaters in Albuquerque, N.M., received a surprise with their Halloween candy: graphic anti-abortion cards with pictures of fetuses and phrases like “I am not a clump of cells.”

Candy bars were sandwiched between anti-abortion cards that read “53 million killed”; “I am a human being”; and “Am I not human?”

KRQE News 13 visited the woman who handed out the cards. While other homes were decorated for Halloween, her house was plastered with anti-abortion posters and paintings of fetuses across her windows. One read “Abortion is Homicide.”

She would not speak on camera, but she said she stood by her actions. She believes if people chose to ring her doorbell for candy, she has a right to share her beliefs with them.

“We just noticed these cards attached to certain candies and started pulling them off, and we were pretty shocked to see that kind of stuff targeted at kids,” said one parent, Frank Valdez. “They’re forcing an agenda on little kids, pretty much.”

"My gut reaction is anger because children should not be subjected to that kind of adult material," a neighbor said Friday.

The cards are from the Right to Life movement, but placing them in Halloween handouts is not a part of the local movement, reported KOB 4.

“No, it’s not our organization,” said Elisa Martinez, head of the local group Protect ABQ Women and Children, which is pushing for a late-term abortion ban on the ballot this month.

“Everything that we’re putting out is focused on this ordinance and passing the ordinance,” Martinez said Friday. “Whatever anyone else feels empowered to do, we’re not going to stop them.”

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