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Trevor Foster Denied Try Out With Basketball Team for Pink Mohawk, Shaved in Support of Mom with Cancer

Trevor Foster was not allowed to try out for the school basketball team at Clifty Creek Elementary in Columbus, Ohio, because he has a pink Mohawk.

This hairstyle was not an act of rebellion though. Trevor dyed his hair pink with his older brother Caleb when their mom Stacy Foster was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

When Stacy had cancer surgery earlier this week, 11-year-old Trevor and his dad Tamage got pink mohawks to support her, reports the Daily Mail.

Trevor told RTV6: "I was walking out to my bus and [school principal Cynthia Frost] stopped me and told me that I couldn't try out for basketball with my mohawk."

Trevor told his father Tamage who went on Facebook, posting pictures and soliciting support.
Tamage also contacted school board members.

After facing a backlash, school principal Frost met with Trevor and his dad. She has since apologized, worn pink clothing in support of Trevor's mom and is allowing Trevor to try out for the team.

Stacy Foster, who is being released from the hospital today,  told ABC News: "This was one way he thought he could support me through this surgery. When parents have cancer we don't really understand what our children go through. For him, it was his way of showing support for me all the way."

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