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Travel Exercise: Fast Facts, Good Tips

For those of you who travel regularly, fitting in regular exercise can be hard work. Either you avoid it like the plague because you look for any excuse not to do it, or if you enjoy exercise, you feel frustrated that you can’t continue your fitness routine, because it takes you away from the programme you would normally follow at home, limiting what you can do in the under-equipped hotel gym.

Sometimes it’s good to get away and have a break, but at the same time it can be good to have a break from the old routine – your fitness routine. To mix things up and add a bit of spice back into your exercise, it’s worth experimenting with new challenges and new exercises on a regular basis.

Too many people rely on gyms to stay in shape, and then when they find themselves without one, they feel lost. Well don’t. Instead do some research and find out what you can achieve using your own bodyweight. As well as the standard school gym exercises you might do like squats, push ups and crunches, how about some fresh ideas like Wallclimbers, Spider Climbs, Clock Lunges, T Push Ups or Get Ups?

Simply type ‘bodyweight exercise’ into a search engine and see what comes up. Go onto ‘YouTube’ and type in the same. You’ll be surprised at what you find. When I’m away on business and vacation I don’t go near a gym. Instead I call on my own list of fast and effective bodyweight exercises that I’ve put together over the years and do 10-15 minute circuits in my hotel room.

They save me time, they challenge my fitness, and at the same time they cost nothing. When choosing bodyweight exercises you need to make sure you pick exercises that put together will work your whole body:

Squats – Legs and Butt
Push Ups – chest and arms
Supermans – Butt and Lower Back
Planks – abs and obliques (sides of the waist)

Google these exercises and then put them together in a sequence. Complete 10 reps of each one, rest 1 minute, and then repeat up to 3 times. Job done - a great workout in minimal time without leaving your room.


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