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Transgender Child Lives Part Time As Girl And Boy (Video)

A controversial documentary about transgender children and their parents, "Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids," recently aired on BBC Two.

Theroux interviewed Camille, 5, a girl who used to be a boy, Sebastian, a few months ago, reports the Daily Mirror, (video below).

Camille told Theroux that Sebastian "wanted to be a girl and then he did not like his name so he changed his name."

Another transgender child (pictured above) prefers to called "Crystal" at home, but "Cole" at school and with his/her dad, noted The Independent. 

"I'm somewhere in between," Crystal/Cole told Theroux. "I'm happy, I have a fun life."

Crystal/Cole's mom, Joy, said, "We go back and forth, and it's difficult because at school or in places where she is and we can trip over ourselves."

Joy said that she and Crystal/Cole's father have different perspectives on Crystal/Cole's identity:

She has said in privately with her therapist that she is a girl... almost 100 percent. When I've sat down and had private conversations with her and said, "Would you ever be interested in hormones, blockers? They need to be started soon, right?"

So, you know, I've had to had more serious conversations, "Do you, let me explain to you how your body's gonna change. Do you want to stop that? How do you feel about it?"

And her answer is, "I can't, I can't, I can't do that, Mommy. I have to be a boy." And I inquire further as to why, and she says, because I'm Poppy's only son and it would destroy Poppy.

Crystal/Cole explained how he/she has not decided which sex that he/she is, but decides which name she/he will use based on which clothes he/she chooses to wear.

Crystal/Cole's father Eric said that his approach was "more conservative" than his ex-wife Joy:

I think he's clear, kind of, on what he can and can't do at his mom's and, kind of, what he can and can't do when he is with me. I mean, but I've had the conversations with him that, you know, I don't want to prevent you from being who you are, I just feel there's a time and a place for who you want to be and how you want to express that.

Eric was hesitant to allow Crystal/Cole to change into a girl physically in case Crystal/Cole has a change of mind as an adult.

Sources: The Independent, Daily Mirror, BBC Two
Image Credit: BBC Two Screenshot


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