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Tragedy Strikes As Mother Learns Real Reason For Extra Painful Pregnancy

Samantha Beaven suspected from early on in her second pregnancy that something was wrong. Her symptoms – bleeding, discharges, back pain and stomach pain – are all commonly associated with pregnancy, but the pain she experienced from them was so much more severe than during her first pregnancy.

Beaven took at least 10 trips to the hospital, she says, and each time told doctors she feared something was wrong. Every visit, she was told she was simply experiencing normal pregnancy symptoms. Then, when she went into labor with her daughter 14 weeks early, she had her worst suspicions confirmed.

Doctors took a biopsy of her cervix after noticing a bleeding lesion. When the physician returned and was accompanied by an oncologist, Beaven knew she was about to hear bad news.

"When the specialist came to my bedside and said he was an oncologist my heart sank to the pit of my stomach,” Beaven told Mirror. "I knew what it meant. When he said I had cervical cancer my hands went straight to my bump. I just kept saying to him ‘but I’m about to have a baby.’”

Samantha gave birth to a two-pound, two-ounce baby girl the next day. The U.K. woman immediately began chemotherapy treatments after the delivery.

Three months later, doctors told Beaven her cervix was clear of cancer.  She was elated. Then, weeks later, tragedy struck again. She had lung cancer, doctors said, and this time the disease was terminal.

"It was like the rug had been pulled from beneath us all over again,” Beaven said. “I was in shock. I cried for two weeks solidly. I just couldn’t believe that after all that I was going to be taken from them anyway.”

Beaven has an estimated 12-18 months to live. Thanks to financial donors, Beaven is able to afford a daily regimen of medicines that allow her to more fully enjoy what time she has left with her family.

"Every day it buys me with them is worth it and I am extremely grateful to the people who have fundraised to help give me that precocious time,” she says. "Thanks to them I can go on being mum and try to enjoy as much time as possible with my beautiful girls. From what doctors have told me this could be my last Christmas with them so I want to make it the best ever."

Sources: Mirror, MailOnline / Photo Credit: Kapipal


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