Sickening: Torturers of Autistic Teen Receive No Jail Time

Taken verbatim from the NAS website, this is a very distressing story that needs to be widely publicized.

The National Autistic Society has reacted in anger at the news that three men who attacked and tortured a young man with Asperger syndrome have been denied a custodial sentence, and we need your help in calling for the Attorney General to review the ruling.

The victim, who is 17 years old, was subjected to a three day ordeal during which he was brutally and maliciously tortured. However, his assailants – Jack Bolton, Andrew Griffin and Nathan Marshall – were handed a meagre 80 hours of community service for their crimes. The victim’s family described the ruling as a “joke”.

To support our campaign to review the ruling and demand a tougher sentence for the perpetrators of the crime, please follow this link. We have set up an email action directly to the Attorney General’s office, demanding a review – it should only take you a couple of minutes to do.

Mark Lever, Chief Executive of the National Autistic Society, was “sickened” by the news, and labelled the judgement insulting:

We are sickened and appalled, not only by the heinous acts of violence committed against a vulnerable young man with autism, but by the abhorrent leniency shown to the perpetrators. Their sentence is profoundly insulting to people with autism and their families and in no way reflects the lasting damage disability hate crime inflicts on victims’ lives.

The National Autistic Society will be looking to work closely with Hazel Blears, who is the victim’s constituency MP, to seek Government action on this specific case. We will also be calling for firmer Government action to address wider issues around disability hate crimes. In representations to Dominic Grieve QC MP, the Attorney General, we will be calling for him to review the ruling.

Read our official media response to this story
Read the full story on the Daily Mail website (We would like to give advance warning that the content of this story is very distressing.)


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