Tortillas And Salsa Now Outsell Hamburger Buns And Ketchup In America

Move over, hamburger buns and ketchup. There are new kings sitting atop the American food chain.

In 2013, tortillas outsell both hot dog and hamburger buns, and salsa outsells ketchup.

The changes in culinary sales reflect America’s ever-shifting demographics, just as they always have.  Over time, these changes rewrite our perceptions of what ‘American’ cuisine is. The latest trend is indicative of the rapidly growing Hispanic population in America.

"When you think about pizza and spaghetti, it's the same thing," says Jim Kabbani, CEO of the Tortilla Industry Association. "People consider them American, not ethnic. It's the same with tortillas."

Although potato chips still outsell tortilla chips, that gap is rapidly closing as well (credit: Doritos locos taco).

Research by the Associated Press shows that Americans born between 1980 and 2000 are leading the charge in embracing new foods.

“They are looking for products that are not necessarily big brands anymore,” said Michael Bellas, chairman of the Beverage Marketing Corporation. “They like brands that have character. They are looking for authenticity and purity, but they are also looking for new experiences.”

The trend in increased Hispanic goods sales doesn’t stop at food, either. Americans are developing quite the affinity for tequila as well. Since 2002, Tequila imports to the U.S. are up 61%. Overall, however, vodka is still America’s favorite spirit. The Russians would be proud. 

Source: Daily Mail, RiaNovosti


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