Toronto Public Health Office Wants Jenny McCarthy Off 'The View'


ABC-TV recently announced that actress Jenny McCarthy would become a new co-host on the talk show 'The View" in September.

However, the Toronto Public Health (TPH) department is concerned that McCarthy's claims of vaccines possibly causing autism will be aired on the daytime show.

The TPH tweeted on Monday: "@JennyMcCarthy anti-vaccine views = misinformation. Please ask @theviewtv to change their mind."

TPH’s assistant medical officer Barbara Yaffe stated during a press conference the same day: “We have had a lot of inquiries about the possibility that The View TV program may be advancing inaccurate information about immunizations."

“They clearly have too much time on their hands… [The TPH should be concerned with] health issues in the city of Toronto that need serious action and consideration rather than starting campaigns against American television programs,” Toronto city council member Denzil Minnan-Wong told the Toronto Star.

However, reports: "Parents have been convinced by McCarthy and the people she works with and promotes. They have forgone vaccination for their children. The result has been the recurrence and spread of preventable diseases."

Sources: Toronto Star, Twitter,


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