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Eye of the Tiger: 5 Classic Workout Tunes

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Top Tunes Tuesday is a new series where I give great music finds to help you stay motivated through your workouts!

Sometimes, in the middle of a tough or long workout, you really need that great, motivating song to push you through. More often than not, I find that those inspiring songs are the classics, the ones we’ve all heard time and time again.  When they come through my headphones, I know I can make it through the next couple minutes of the workout. Recent research even indicates that the type of music we listen to during exercise can influence our performance – when we love the song we’re listening to, we disregard any physical pain we’re feeling and push on through!

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor. Yes, it’s that cheesy song from the Rocky movies, but who listens to this song and doesn’t picture themselves running up those steps in Philadelphia?

Hit Me With Your Best Shot  - Pat Benatar. A great song for those workouts where you’re blowing off some frustration!

Thunderstruck – AC/DC. The chanted lyrics never fail at getting me pumped up in the middle of a tough strength training session.

Don’t Stop Believing  - Journey. Whether the original or the recently covered version by the Glee cast, this ‘never give up’ anthem is a welcome addition to any exercise playlist I have.

It’s My Life – Bon Jovi. ‘Don’t bend don’t break, baby don’t back down’ – a great lyric, and a great song for motivating you when you’re strength training or pushing through that long run.

I’m always looking for new tunes – let me know what your favorite rock songs to work out to are!

Assistance provided by Megan Skinner


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