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Top Ten Party-Animal Celeb Moms

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Who says having a baby slows you down? Not these wild mamas! Some have redeemed themselves since (and some haven't), but these ladies kept their partying up after giving birth -- and in some cases, even cranked their debauched antics up to the next level!

Kate Moss

“Cokate” was busted in plain view blowing lines with ex Pete Doherty. Her daughter, Lila Grace, was barely 3 when this scandal hit the gossip pages. Kate managed to avoid arrest and, after experiencing a residual downturn, resurfaced to model for David Yurman, Stella McCartney and Roberto Cavalli. She just ended a four-year design stint for Topshop.

Faith Evans

Best known as Biggie’s ex, Faith Evans — talented singer and mom of three — was JUST cold busted in L.A. on suspicion of driving under the influence. Back in 2004, she and her husband were charged with possession of weed and coke. Get a driver, girl!

Heather Locklear

Back in 2008, a celeb news reporter blew the whistle on Locklear for driving erratically. Turns out, the mom of daughter Ava — who was in the car when the incident occurred — was under the influence of a controlled substance at the time. The charges against her were dismissed after she struck a plea deal.

Courtney Love

Who hasn’t heard tales of Frances Bean’s mom slurring and stumbling her way through public events? Love, who admitted to using heroin while pregnant, has since publicly credited her weight loss to hard drug use and is now engaged in a Twitter war with her emancipated offspring.

Whitney Houston

Mom to Bobbi Kristina, this former beauty and reformed “crack is wack” addict has openly struggled with addiction for years. Tour troubles this past year plagued her highly touted comeback — and raised suspicions that she was back on the hard stuff.

Tracey Gold

Back in 2004, former “Growing Pains” child star Gold was arrested for DUI after rolling her vehicle (which also contained her husband and three young sons!) down an embankment. Ironically, she has since hosted a TLC show called “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom.”

Kim Delaney

What with a drunk-driving arrest in 2002 and rehab stints in 2003 and 2006, Delaney has apparently had quite the struggle staying sober. In 2005, she lost custody of her son, Jack, after he testified in court that she’d driven drunk with him in the car. Fortunately (judging from her current success on “Army Wives”), the actress really seems to have turned things around.

Wynonna Judd

Country-music superstar Judd was arrested for DUI when her kids were in the single-digit range. After her second husband was indicted on counts of sexually assaulting minors, Judd publicly declared a war on food, lost tons of weight and focused on her kids. She was just honored for her humanitarian contributions to the Nashville community.

Anna Nicole Smith

This tragic blonde bombshell overdosed on a vast array of prescription drugs, dying shortly after the overdose death of her son, Daniel, and the birth of her daughter, Dannielynn.

Britney Spears

The shaved head! The private parts on display! The passing out in public! Britney Spears made headline after headline as she openly struggled through drug abuse, divorce and early motherhood. Today, the mom of Sean Preston and Jayden James seems to have sobered up and found her way back to her family, love and the limelight.


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