Top 5 Twitter Handles to Follow in 2011


It took me a good couple of months to “get” Twitter, but once I did, there was absolutely no going back. It can be a bit addictive, but it can also be a fantastic way to receive health information, find new fit friends and even get advice on your most basic or advanced exercise questions - whether you’re on the road for business or not. It pretty much rocks! The five handles below are our top picks of the best-of-the-best fit Twitter handles out there. Follow them, and we guarantee that you’ll always be motivated and know what’s cool in fitness!

1. @FitSugar: Based on the blog FitSugar, this Twitter handle is personable and fun. From fitness tips to personal thoughts on workouts, there’s always something fun and informative to read whether you’re waiting for a flight to leave or you’re trapped in a long meeting!

2. @SparkPeople: I love the free weight-loss, so it’s no wonder that I think its Twitter handle is just as swell. With words of encouragement tweeted daily, plus a very balanced and sane approach to being healthy– these tweets are worth following!

3. @DrOz: What I love most about following Dr. Oz is that no matter what he’s tweeting about - health, fitness, surgery - it’s always interesting and it will always teach you something new. When you’re used to going from city to city for business, Dr. Oz’s tweets can be a breath of fresh air - not to mention great conversation starters for those late business dinners.

4. @Thats_Fit: This AOL fitness blog is chock-full of useful information. From workout DVD reviews, to what to eat at the food court, to exercises to squeeze in during a layover, its tweets are the fittest!

5. @MyTrainerBob: It’s refreshing when you know that a fitness celebrity is really the one tweeting, and this Twitter handle is definitely coming straight from The Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper. With behind-the-scenes photos of the reality show to daily fit challenges, he’s a ton of fun to follow if you’re on the road or at home!

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