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Top 10 Signs You're Really Into Yoga

1. A friend gives you a pair of spinning shoes you were contemplating buying, and you're convinced it's a "gift from the divine" and reassurance that you are "connected to the flow of the universe."

2. The first thing you pack on a trip is your yoga mat. The second thing, your practice journal.

3. You watch the Bachelor/ette sitting in Sukhasana.

4. You read Ray Long's Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga for pleasure.

5. The office has become a "yoga room" where you have set up a "puja table" and light incense reminiscent of your high school stinky hippy days. You stumble a chant in an unknown language with a strong western accent. Often the chant defaults to the "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" melody.

6. You've started thanking people by putting your hands together in prayer position and nodding your head.

7. The mala has become a fashionable bracelet.

8. You named your dog Krishna, your daughter Satya, or your pet turtle Ganesh.

9. A guilty treat is Rice Dream ice cream.

10. The people you hang around talk about The Yoga Sutras, Ahimsa, New Vegan Restaurants, or Experiences in Trikonasana.

11. A hug from your partner is a great opportunity for a deep stretch. [sorry, couldn't stop at just 10]


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