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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions on Homeopathy

FAQ&A on homeopathy covers Classical homeopathy, constitutional treatment, Role of Symptoms, Homeopathic Consultation

Q1. Can homeopathic medicine & conventional medicine be taken together?

Ans. There is no conflict between conventional medicines and homeopathic medicine and indeed both systems of therapy may sometimes be used together to compliment each other.

Q2. What is homeopathy?

Ans. Homeopathy is highly scientific, logical, safe, quick and extremely effective method of healing.

Q3. What is classical homeopathy?

Ans. "single medicine, single dose"

Q4. What is the constitutional treatment in homeopathy?

Ans. A constitutional remedy covers the general bodily disturbances/imbalances (different complaints such as physical, mental and emotional) of the whole (same) person.

Q5. What is the role of symptoms in homeopathy medicine?

Ans. The symptoms are the compass that a homoeopath uses to find his way to the right remedy.

Q6. How long does treatment by homeopathic medicines take?

Ans. The action of homeopathic medicine is dependent on various factors like sensitivity of the diseased person, the nature of illness of the person, the pathology of the disease, various other treatment measures taken before resorting to homeopathy, etc.

Q7. What a homeopath physician asks during the consultation?

Ans. The homeopath physician needs a detailed understanding of who you are, along with details of any complaints and how you experience them.

Q8. How homeopathy medicine provides a strong and stable foundation for your health?

Ans. Homeopathy creates a stable foundation for your health. Stable foundation means your immune system will be stronger and better able to resist sickness.

Q9. While on homeopathic treatment, is there any necessity to have the pathological tests done?

Ans. If the case demands so, the homeopath physician will mandate the patient to undergo blood, urine or radiation tests.

Q10. Homeopathy advises restrictions in diet when taking medicines, is it necessary?

Ans. Certain strong tasting and strong smelling foodstuffs  such as onion and garlic, and stimulants like coffee are advised to be restricted for 15 minutes before and after every dose of homeopathic medicine

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