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Top 10 Most Helpful Articles for Doctors

Now that the end of the decade is near, we are hearing and reading about "the top this and that," from music to fashion to political downfalls. Medscape has their own top 10 articles that were read by physicians on their site. I find it interesting to see what my colleagues plug in to when they are not seeing patients. The only surprise to me was the brain tumor "risk," because I thought that was settled years ago! I'm not surprised about number 2 or 3. Everyone I know is trying to survive in some way.

Here are the highlights from the Medscape Top 10for physicians in 2010:

  1. Brain Tumour Risk in Relation to Mobile Telephone Use
    Is it safe to take that call?
  2. Trashed on the Internet: What Should You Do?
    Does a physician have any recourse if patients post a bad review on an Internet rating site?
  3. Six Ways to Earn Extra Income From Medical Activities
    Physicians are seeking ways to create more revenue. These activities may bring in additional profit.
  4. Physician in Whistle-Blower Case Charged by Texas Medical Board
    A nurse who had reported the physician to the Texas Medical Board in 2009 was acquitted of a felony charge of misuse of official information.
  5. FDA Issues Second Warning Against Treating Leg Cramps With Quinine
    Treating such cramps with quinine is an off-label use with potentially serious adverse effects.
  6. Berwick Appointed to Head CMS Without Senate Vote
    President Obama used his power of "recess appointment" to avoid a possible Republican filibuster of the nomination of Dr. Berwick to the CMS post.
  7. Abbott Withdraws Sibutramine From Market
    The FDA pulled the weight-loss medication from the market after data pointed to a 16% increase in the risk for serious cardiovascular events.
  8. FDA Warns of Suicide Risk for Tramadol
    The agency advised physicians that the opioid may be sought by patients with drug abuse and addiction problems or those with criminal diversion in mind.
  9. Calcium Supplements Boost Heart-Attack Risk
    A meta-analysis finds that calcium supplements increase the risk for MI.
  10. Healthcare Reform Resource Center
    The evolving debate was chronicled by Medscape throughout 2010.


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