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Too Much TV Might Lead to Fast Food Addiction

A new study published in the January 30 International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity purports that people who watch more than five hours of television per day in high school are more likely to become addicted to fast food in adulthood.

"Television watching impacts diet choices adolescents make five years later," said lead researcher Daheia Barr-Anderson to HealthDay. Barr-Anderson went on to speculate that eating while watching TV makes children more likely to consume the foods they see advertised.

HealthDay reports that "high-school students who had watched more than five hours of TV a day and were now young adults ate less fruit, vegetables, whole grains and calcium-rich foods. Instead, they ate more snack foods, fried foods, fast food, sugar-sweetened beverages and foods containing trans-fats."

Click here to read the abstract.

Click here to download the study.



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