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Tom Cruise Encourages Daughter Suri’s Grown-Up Fashion Choices

Tom Cruise has defended his daughter Suri’s right to wear grown-up outfits, insisting he wants to encourage the four-year-old’s “self-expression” through fashion.

The Mission: Impossible star and his wife Katie Holmes have come under fire for allowing their little girl to wear expensive designer clothing and high-heeled sandals. But Cruise believes Suri should be allowed to wear what she likes – so she can develop her “creativity”. He tells Britain’s GMTV,

“In Spain, they wear the (high-heeled) flamenco dance shoes from birth. Listen, I believe that she (should wear) whatever she wants to wear. She dresses herself. I want to encourage her creativity and her own self-expression. I think that’s important for the child’s own identity.

“It’s something that I have had to do with (my adopted children) Bella and Connor, and now Suri. It is what it is, and they’re just going to create what they’re going to create. I just try to give them as much safety and as much room to find their dreams and to express themselves. I’m like, if they wanna wear it, they’re gonna wear what they wanna wear.”


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