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Toddler Tested For HIV After Used Needle Punctures His Foot At Park

A 2-year-old boy has been tested for HIV after stepping on a suspected drug user’s needle in a Bristol, England, park.

The needle that went through toddler Freddie Williams’ shoe and punctured his foot was hidden under some leaves, Mirror reported.

Freddie was taken to a hospital and blood tests were performed for HIV and hepatitis B.

His mother, Ezme Riley, is upset at the city council because they have allegedly ignored her complaint about the area needing cleaning.

"The fact the council has not been to clear those leaves, so other people can see what they might be standing on, is outrageous,” Riley said. "There is no way I will let my children play in that park at the moment — it's not safe. I have lived in this area for 14 years and drug abuse is a huge problem with users congregating at the nearby church."

According to AIDS Map, there are no reported cases of a person contracting HIV through contact with a needle or syringe discarded in a public area. There is only one known case of a child contracting hepatitis B after coming into contact with a discarded needle.

As a precaution, Freddie will be tested again in three months to see if he has contracted either of the viruses.

Sources: Mirror, AIDS Map / Photo credit: Lee Down/Flickr

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