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Toddler Suffers From Burns After Pulling Cup Of Hot Tea Off Bench

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An Australian toddler was left with serious burns after she pulled a hot cup of tea off a bench, just days before her mother was set to marry her high school sweetheart.

Naomi Watson was finishing up some last-minute planning for her wedding when her 20-month-old daughter, Sophie, was burned. Watson explained that Sophie had been exploring “as babies do” when she accidentally pulled the tea off the bench.

Now, Sophie’s parents are asking for help to raise money for her expensive skin graft surgery. On top of Sophie’s medical bills, Watson must also provide for her autistic son, who needs constant care.

“Doing everything they can Sophie’s parents have spent their every waking moment by her side in hospital, despite their pending nuptials in a matter of days,” Watson wrote in an emotional appeal. “Now instead of planning a honeymoon they are planning the many months ahead that will involve expensive skin grafts to try and save Sophie’s skin.”

In a stroke of good fortune, Sophie underwent her first surgery on Aug. 11 and will be released on Aug. 13, in time for her parent’s wedding.

“Sophie will still be required to attend the children’s hospital for fresh dressings every few days and also skin graft procedures,” Watson wrote. “But for now having her home for the wedding is a small victory.”

To date, Watson's GoFundMe account has raised the equivalent of almost $1,500.

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Sources: DailyMail, GoFundMe / Photo credit: GoFundMe


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