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Baby Hospitalized After Finding Bag Of Marijuana Outside, Eating It

A U.K. woman's baby boy was hospitalized after he ingested marijuana that he discovered on the ground.

Stacey Cotterill, 25, was taking the trash out of her Macclesfield, England, apartment with her 19-month-old son Archie in tow. She initially didn’t notice when her son picked up a baggy of marijuana up off of the ground, but when she saw Archie eating it, she rushed him to the emergency room of Macclefield Hospital.

"He was very pale and really hyperactive, with a high temperature and was being sick,” she told Manchester Evening News. "They kept him in overnight and monitored his heart rate and oxygen.

"The doctors think he swallowed some of the drugs. It was horrible, he was very distressed.”

Cheshire police haven’t confirmed that there was marijuana in the bag. They’re currently testing the substance, a spokesperson said.

Stacey said she’s found needles and drugs outside of her apartment complex before, but that her landlord hasn’t responded to her complaints.

“It’s disgusting that people can leave drugs that a child can pick up," she said. "It could have been a lot worse.”

Despite the potential danger of that situation, a report from The Washington Post found that children are 136 times more likely to be poisoned by diaper cream than marijuana.

Archie has since recovered.

Sources: Manchester Evening News, The Washington Post

Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News


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