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Toddler Falls Ill After Mother Finds Him Playing With Discarded Needle

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A toddler in Canada was sent to the hospital after placing a discarded needle in his mouth.

Emily Krebs told reporters that her 17-month-old son Xavier placed the needle in his mouth and ear while playing in the yard of the family’s Kelowna, British Columbia apartment building in May.

“I just grabbed him,” Krebs told CTV News. “I put him in one sink and the needle in the other and I sterilized his hands, his legs, his face, everything.”

The child was taken to the hospital after the incident. According to the mother, the child has fallen ill since then.

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The family now awaits test results for the 17-month-old to see if he contracted a viral infection. However, since hepatitis and HIV take a while until they show up in blood tests, the family must wait six months before knowing whether or not their child has an infection.

“I’m scared, I’m mad, I’m sad, I’m angry and all at the same time,” said the mother.

She hopes that the family’s landlord will see this incident as reason to clean the property better. She also hopes other families will learn from this incident and keep a close eye on their children.

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According to Ron Beahun, spokesman for the Downtown Kelowna Association, discarded needles are a common occurrence.

“It happens on a daily basis. We are proactive in looking for them throughout the downtown area,” Beahun told CTV News.

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He recommends calling the proper authorities if you spot a discarded needle.

“It is something you can do,” said Beahun, when asked if people could dispose of the needle themselves, “but I don’t highly recommend it because if you’re not doing it properly there is the [possibility] of getting poked.”

Source: CTV News, KIROTV

Photo Credit: Global News, KIROTV, Wikipedia


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