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Toddler Learns To Crawl After Losing Arms And Legs To Life-Threatening Meningitis

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A one-year-old girl is learning to crawl again after losing her arms and legs to meningitis.

Harmonie-Rose Allen was diagnosed with the virus in September, when her parents took her to the hospital after she had awoken in the middle of the night unable to breathe. They were sent home after doctors reportedly could not find anything wrong with the toddler, but the next day they returned after Harmonie turned blue. They were once again sent home after being told that she simply had a virus.

Hours later, Harmonie began to appear lethargic. The parents rushed their daughter back to the hospital and soon discovered that she was covered in a purple rash. Her condition worsened and she was soon rushed into adult intensive care. Four hours later, parents Freya Hall and Ross Allen were able to see their daughter again, whose skin was now covered with the purple rash. Doctors diagnosed her with meningitis and she was “given a one in ten chance of survival,” according to the Daily Mail

Doctors fought to save Harmonie’s life and told her parents that if she survived, she would lose the tip of her nose. 10 surgeries later, Harmonie’s life was miraculously saved. The toddler, however, was forced to undergo amputations of both of her arms and legs due to the severity of her case, which doctors described as one of the “worst they had ever seen.”

Three months later, Hall says Harmonie-Rose is back to being her smiling self despite the incredible, life-threatening challenges she has faced. “She has such a strong character and it’s beginning to come back now."

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“She has got her smile back," Hall added. "Ross and I are extremely proud of Harmonie. She has come so far and fought so hard to be here with us. We will make her life as amazing, and as fulfilling as we can.”

Family and friends have launched a fundraising campaign via, which will go towards the cost of “rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and home adaptations.” Hall says that the support they’ve received is making an impact.

“Life will never be easy for Harmonie, but knowing we have this kind of support fills me with warmth that Harmonie will lead as normal life as possible.”

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