Mom Speaks Out After Toddler Hospitalized For Bacterial Infection


A toddler in Nebraska is fighting for his life after getting a bacterial infection.

Last week, toddler Michael Stubbs suddenly developed a cold, WOWT News reported. As the day progressed, it began to get worse. 

“I went to get him ready to go to my mom's and I found him somewhat unresponsive,” Michael’s mother, Becca Clark, told the news station. At this point, according to Clark, Michael, who is nicknamed "Bug," had a 105-degree fever and blood around his mouth.

“I just threw him in his car seat and took off for the hospital,” Clark said. 

When Clark arrived at the hospital with her son and had him examined, doctors determined that it was an infection caused by bacteria that had gotten into his bloodstream.

“It's a bacteria that we all have and it just managed to get into his blood,” Clark explained. “He's septic and it kind of attacked his blood and lungs and that's why we're here.”

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Michael is now at a Children’s hospital in Omaha, where he is hooked to a machine described by WOWT as a “heart and lung bypass machine.”

In the days since Michael was admitted, his parents have received a significant amount of support from their local community and beyond, including a Go Fund Me page to help support his family while he fights for his life.

“We just miss him,” Clark said. “I don't like seeing him like this at all. He was so smiley and fun.”

Sources: WOWT, Facebook

Photo Credit: wowt.com, Facebook


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