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Toddler Dies From Sedatives Used During Routine Visit To Dentist

A 3-year-old Hawaiian girl tragically died during a visit to the dentist, and now, authorities have determined that the drugs used to sedate her are what ended her life.

Finley Puleo Boyle was taken to the dentist by her parents because she needed to have multiple routine procedures done. In preparation for root canals and fillings, the young child was given five drugs that included demerol, hydroxyzine, chlorohydrate, laughing gas, and lidocaine.

"Immediately following the lidocaine injection, the decedent became unresponsive and went into cardiopulmonary arrest," said Honolulu Chief Medical Examiner Christopher Happy.

The young girl went into a coma while being given the medication, and a month later, she was pronounced dead.

According to autopsy results, the girl was previously healthy and had no signs or symptoms of any undiagnosed heart problems. An allergic reaction was also ruled out.

During the month that the 3-year-old was in a coma, her parents Ashley and Evan Boyle filed a negligence suit against Dr. Lilly Geyer’s office, Island Dentistry For Children. Since the child’s death, the office has closed its doors.

The Boyle’s attorney Richard Fried called the maximum five-drug dosage given to the toddler “grossly excessive” and says that if the office had followed the correct protocol by having enough people present while Finley was being administered the drugs, her death could have been prevented. It’s also being reported that a doctor from another office had to be brought in to perform CPR, and Ashley Boyle believes that’s what caused her daughter to go into a coma.

“Had it been initiated at the correct time, she'd be walking out of the hospital right now,” said Ashley.

The tragic death has been ruled an accident, but since the case has gone public, other parents have come forward claiming that their children had bad experiences with Dr. Geyer in the past. 


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