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Toddler Nearly Loses Finger Stuck In Jingle Bell (Photos)

Toddler Nearly Loses Finger Stuck In Jingle Bell (Photos) Promo Image

A Missouri toddler is recovering after she nearly lost a finger to a classic Christmas decoration.

Fourteen-month-old Andi Jackson was playing with a tiny jingle bell in November when one of her fingers got stuck in a hole, according to KMOV. 

"My husband comes up and says, 'Look what trouble did,' -- our fourth, Andi -- and he shows me and she's got a jingle bell on her finger," said mom Lisa Jackson. "And we laugh for a second because she's a mischievous one." 

But Lisa and her husband Sean Jackson quickly realized that Andi had managed to get herself into a serious situation. 

The couple said they tried using baby oil to get Andi's finger out of the bell, but it was on too tight. When their daughter's finger began to bleed, they rushed to a local emergency room. 

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When the Jacksons arrived at the hospital, the doctor on duty reportedly told them she had never seen anything like Andi's situation and advised the family to take the child to a specialized children's hospital for treatment. 

Once they arrived at St. Louis Children's Hospital, doctors whisked Andi to the operating room to remove the bell, but warned her parents, "We can't say that her finger will be saved. We can't guarantee it."

"Now at that point it had been on for about five hours," Lisa said. 

Doctors considered different ways to remove the bell, including a "diamond saw," but ultimately went with a device Lisa and Sean described as "high-tech needle nose pliers." 

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Andi's experience left her with a bandaged hand, but thankfully she still has all her fingers.

Doctors at St. Louis Children's Hospital say accidents like this one are unfortunately too common around the holidays.

"I think the small items in gifts or in ornaments or things that go on the outside of a package that a child could pull out and get into their mouth, that can always be a source of problems," Dr. Brad Warner told KMOV. 

Lisa says she and Sean have always tried to keep their house safe for their children, but they never considered a jingle bell could create such a serious problem.

"We have four girls and we consider ourselves pretty safe," Lisa said. "We have our gates, we baby-proof everything. I mean it's a jingle bell. It's decorative, it's cute, it makes a sound. We didn't think anything of it." 

Some commenters on WFLA's Facebook page agreed, saying how unpredictable children can be.

"Things you never think of in 1 million years young children will get into," wrote one commenter. 

Other commenters criticized Lisa and Sean's handling of the situation, saying how easy it would be to get the bell off at home. 

"I would have had that cut off my kids finger in about 3 minutes," one wrote. 

Sources: KMOVWFLA/Facebook / Featured Image: Public Domain Pictures / Embedded Images: Dearly, Jackson family via KMOV

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