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Toddler Almost Drowns in Sleep After Swimming in Kansas City Pool

A 2-year-old girl nearly drowned in her sleep hours after swimming in a Kansas City pool last weekend.

Aliycea Sanders began to choke while she was asleep, when her parents saw some water running out of her nose and mouth. At that point, her parents decided to take her to the hospital because her mom had recently seen a news segment about “secondary drowning,” according to newser.

Secondary or “dry” drowning is not common, but can occur after an individual takes water into his or her lungs while breathing. The water then forms a pool in the person’s lungs, and causes a condition called pulmonary edema, where the fluid prompts muscles to spasm and make breathing difficult.

People can accidentally breathe in water when they are struggling to swim or gasping for air. As breathing becomes more difficult, individuals can start feeling extremely fatigued.

Drowning is the number one cause of death for children younger than 5, according to ABC6.

Source: newser


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