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Toddler Almost Drowns in Mall Fountain (Video)

A member of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue team in Florida recently released a surveillance video to warn parents about the dangers of not watching their kids.

The surveillance video (below) shows a two-year-old child, Alayna, in the Augusta Mall in Georgia, climbing over the wall of a fountain, falling in and nearly drowning before an older boy calls for help and a nurse pulls the toddler out of the water, noted Local 10.

Alayna's mom, Ashley Ishmael, was looking for her daughter in the mall's stores when the girl nearly drowned on Aug. 28, 2013.

"I was playing with her and then she had gotten up into the top part of the slide playing with two or three other kids," Ishmael told WRDW. "And next thing I know she was gone."

When Alayna was released about two months later, she was still in a wheelchair. A new Facebook page "Alayna's Angels" has been set up for people to help the child and her mother.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman Arnold Piedrahita posted the video on his Facebook page, where he wrote: “If me posting this video scares someone enough to … install a pool gate then my job is done.”

"I ran [upon] a 13-month-old boy who drowned in the family pool with 11 adults home at [the] time," Piedrahita added. "Everyone thought someone was watching the baby."

Sources: WRDW, Local 10, Facebook


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