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Could Eating Soy Worsen Certain Types of Cancer?

Soy products such as tofu, edamame, soy milk (but not soy yogurt, which is just foul - sort of like eating Elmer's glue) and other items are supposed to be part of a healthy diet. We have soy burgers, soy chips, soy supplements, soy everything. We are told to look at Asian countries, where soy intake is high and rates of Western illnesses such as cancer, are much lower as our examples.

But then they tell us, don't eat soy or soy supplements if you have estrogen positive breast cancer and some other cancers. Soy contains something that is considered a plant based estrogen, that could be feeding these cancers. If you have an estrogen positive breast cancer, it could be fed by soy products.

This latest article states that Asians, who are historically accustomed to high levels of soy in their diet, should have no reason to lower their intake levels. But Western consumers, who are not accustomed to soy products, should eat only a moderate amount of soy products until more is known, and skip soy pills or supplements until more is known about their effects.

So? What about those of us with estrogen positive breast cancer? Do we get to eat soy or not? No mention here in this recommendation. So I will continue my soy-avoiding ways for now, until they resolve it.


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