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To be in the moment is blissful.

Are you someone that needs or requires answers to the various ways, steps, questions and things. Do you like to plan ahead of time and are you someone that must know what the end result should look like?

Like most of you I too need direction in my life so I can plan my journey, travels or whatever lays ahead of me. I like to be prepared and ready to face the many challenges or obstacles that will come my way. In doing this I have no one else to blame but myself when the going gets tough.

I hold myself responsible for putting these pressures on myself. What about you?

When things do not go as plan I end up blaming myself. I become unstable and insecure about my abilities as a human being. I begin to self doubt myself. The emotions of these negatives thoughts are deadly and powerful as it can crush my self worth. I get sucked into its web of deceit and become a slave to its power. I am reduced to shredded bits. I pick up my broken self and glue them back again hoping that one day I will learn from my mistake....... 

I have never come across so many "If's""But's" or "I do not know's" as I have faced in this present moment. I think it was just meant to be. Like rain NO more like hail stones, these words dropped on my head at every second I was asked a question about what, where and how things were going to be.

I am on a path where there are no answers except unknowns. Every where I looked or peeked  the very face of unknown would starring back at me (does unknown even have a face?) There was no leaving it behind, it was right there attached to me like a young baby to its mother. I breathe slept, ate, spoke and saw unknown.

My personal practice of yoga has encouraged me to be in tune with my inner senses and when the right incident presents itself( which it did), the combination of both is just magical BUT most importantlyI remain very much grounded. My two feet are rooted into the warmth of the earth and that is all I need right now. The answer to my doubts or questions will surface and it did.

"You are living in the blissful state of I don't knows! How lucky you are to experience it"

My jaw dropped and my heart stopped beating for a split second. Everything froze around me and all I could hear were those words. They echoed deep within me. The vibrations of each word recited by me was strong, powerful and had carried so much depth and meaning to it. It felt like someone carved the answers within my heart, not in a hurtful way but with pure love. A gift was placed into my heart......

To be in this blissful state of "I do not knows" is like being a child again. Fear ceases to exist. Exuberance lives in place of it. Worries in any form, shape or size has stopped swimming in the mind. I am in the moment and experience everything like it was my first kiss, hug or first steps taken as a child.

Yoga encourages one to be with the moment.........


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