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Tips on Finding the Right Yoga Class for You

Before you decide to skip this post or say "Well what more can she add to this post that we have not already read or heard or been told!" Just read on.......

I am constantly asked the question " How do I find the right yoga class for me?" A very important question as there are a variety of classes, styles and teachers. So I decided to blog about it.

Yoga as we all is a practice to create harmony between the body, mind and spirit.  There are 8 steps to achieve this harmony according to ancient scriptures.

1. Yama: Universal Morality

2. Niyama: Personal Moralities

3. Asanas: Postures

4. Pranayama: Breathing Techniques

5. Pratyhara: Control of the senses

6. Dharana: Creating inner awareness

7. Dhyana: Meditation

8. Samadhi: Connection with the Divine

I have just touched the surface of YOGA. There is no exact order to follow (my opinion). It depends on an individual's state of being or path.

A lot of focus is spent on the Asanas or in simple terms body exercises. There are many approaches to the practice of yogaand different styles or methods of this practice. No matter the type of yoga they all lead to same benefits or path.

Below are some basic pointers in finding a class that would suit you. (These are my own experiences) These points have helped me and some of my students in finding what works for them.

The first step is to recognize that yoga is an individual practice and to acknowledge that NO two people have the same body, strength, flexibility or needs. 

Know what you are seeking for yourself when beginning any form of yoga practice.

Find a few yoga studios that are in driving or walking distance form your home or your office.

Look for classes (timings) that work with your schedule or your budget.

Talk to the manager of the studio and let them know that you would like to try out some classes. They may suggest a teacher or class.

Place yourself somewhere in the middle of the room or where you feel comfortable.

During the class do go at your own pace (if you are new) try to be aware of how you feel/connect with the instructor (verbal instruction, demonstration, modifications of poses, connection, presence)

Talk to the instructor and find out what her/his approach is when teaching, credentials, how long he/she has been teaching at that studio etc.

I hope this helps you in finding your right class and instructor. We and our yoga practice are always changing. At different stages we seek different practices so be open in trying out different styles. We are lucky that we have a huge variety of instructors and types of practices out there.


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