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Socialite Tinsley Mortimer Shares Her Diet and Fitness Secrets

New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer shared her bikini secrets with PEOPLE.

“If my weight is down, I do honestly feel more confident in a bikini,” says Mortimer, 35, who starred in the CW reality series "High Society" this year.

So an appearance at Tao Beach in Las Vegas in August could be a bit stressful for the star.

“I really try to eat less, work out a little, and stick to my low carb diet,” she says. “It works well for me and enables me to feel happier about putting on my bikini.”

Her diet consists of:

“Egg whites, grilled chicken, tuna fish, cheese, coffee and salad—I eat a very low, if not no-carb diet typically.”

But it's not just about her diet: she keeps fit by playing in tennis matches on the weekend and running twice a week.

And when Tinsley wants to be naughty, her guilty pleasures are:

“I love pizza and cupcakes!” she laughs. “I will usually be bad about once every two weeks and order Domino’s. I am sort of obsessed!”


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