Timothy Thompson Arrested for Driving 100 MPH to His Wedding


Timothy Thompson was arrested for speeding at estimated 100 mph to his own wedding, after being released from the Porter County jail.

The speeding groom was also charged with resisting law enforcement, criminal recklessness and reckless driving, reports the Northwest Indiana Times.

Thompson evaded police cars and pulled into the parking lot of the Nativity of Our Savior Church in Portage, Indiana where his wedding was about to take place.

When he was finally stopped by the police, Thompson told the officers that he was late for his wedding. Thompson also told police that he had his emergency flashers on and was beeping his horn to alert other drivers.

When police momentarily walked away from his car, Thompson got back in his car and drove toward the church's entrance, where police stopped him again.

Thompson said: "Oh, I thought you were done and I'm late for a party in Chicago. It now means I have to drive really fast to get there."

Thompson was transported to Porter County Jail and held without bond.


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