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Tiki Barber Hires PR Agency to Repair Shattered Image

Former New York Giants star and former NBC reporter Tiki Barber has reportedly hired a PR agency to repair his tattered public image. His once-ideal image took a severe hit earlier this year when he left his pregnant wife for a young TV intern.

Page 6
of the New York Post says Barber:

"...tapped 5WPR to spin his relationship with blond former TV intern Traci Johnson. Sources said he's "paid for a professional photo shoot and is offering it to publications, despite the fact that he's claiming poverty and can't pay Ginny the settlement she wants."

Barber and Ginny had been married for 11 years, and she was eight months pregnant with twins when he publicly announced their separation in April.

The marriage wasn't all that ended -- NBC dumped him from his on-air role with "The Today Show" a month later.

He reportedly had a longtime extra-marital affair with the 23-year-old Johnson, whom he met at NBC.

Johnson has apparently begun the PR campaign, saying she never dated Barber when he was with his wife. Rather, she said when they started dating in January, the Barbers were already separated.

"Tiki and I were dating well before the rumors came out," Johnson told Extra. "His soon-to-be ex-wife knew about that. She knew we were together."

Johnson defended herself, saying, "While people say I could have waited until he was divorced, it just seemed like an opportunity was there, and Tiki's the first to say opportunities are seldom perfect."


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