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Tiffany Hartford and Father George Sayers Jr. have Baby, Arrested for Sex Crimes

Aspiring porn star Tiffany Hartford and her father George Sayers Jr. were arrested after a DNA test proved they had a child together, according to police in Bethel, Connecticut.

Hartford and Sayers Jr. denied knowing that they were father and daughter, but Hartford allegedly introduced Sayers to her ex-girlfriend as her "husband/father,” reports the NY Daily News.

The unidentified ex-girlfriend agreed to allow Sayers to take photos and shoot a video of her and Hartford having sex.

However, when the ex-girlfriend discovered Sayers was selling the videos for $40 and pictures for $5, she called the police, reports The News-Times.

The video is not considered child pornography because the women were at least 16 at the time.

Police discovered it was a case of incest after testing the DNA of Hartford, Sayers and their child.

Hartford and Sayers Jr. pleaded not guilty to third degree sexual assault, obscenity and conspiracy to commit obscenity for the photo distribution.


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