Three-Year-Old Finley Boyle's Parents To Sue Over Possible Brain Damage After Dental Procedure


Three-year-old Finley Boyle is believed to have suffered cardiac arrest during a dental procedure at Island Dentistry in Kailua, Oahu.

Ashley Boyle, Finley's mother, brought her to Island Dentistry on December 3 for a pediatric root canal, to be performed by Dr. Lilly Geyer. Upon arrival Finley was given sedatives and then taken to the procedure room, without her mother Ashley by her side.

According to Ashley's interview with K 5 The Hometeam she was not given the option to join her daughter in the room during the procedure, and was told she could leave to go get a coffee if she liked. While in the waiting room Ashley was unable to see what was happening with her daughter, and it was not until she noticed emergency medical technicians arriving through the back door that she knew something was terribly wrong with Finley.

"I saw the EMT's come up through the other glass door and go back there, so I took it upon myself to just go open the door and go back there," said Boyle. "I mean, how do you not tell me we called 911 on your daughter?" Ashley Boyle told K 5 The Hometeam.

The Boyles' lawyer, Richard Fried, believes Finley was given too many sedatives and anesthesia, causing her to go into cardiac arrest. An MRI has shown Finley was without oxygen for five or more minutes, according to her father Evan Boyle. It is believed Finley suffered from brain damage and her current prognosis is unfavorable. Ashley Boyle says Finley is "probably never going to walk again, or possible be able to feed herself again...She's not even responding to commands."

Ashley and Evan Boyle plan to sue Dr. Lilly Geyer, who has not had any complaints filed against her but has mixed reviews online, according to Hawaii News Now.  Dr. Geyer and Island Dentistry have refused to comment on the situation, and the office has since been closed, and the official website,, taken offline.


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