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Three Sisters Share Heartbreaking Stories Of Addiction (Video)

A new episode of Dr. Phil takes a look into the sad and often times helpless world of the heroin addict.

The episode features three sisters – Vallen, Amanda and Tiffany – and their vicious battle with heroin addiction. The sisters started using the drug at various points over the last several years and now use it together as well.

Their stories are not unfamiliar. Each of the girls excelled as youths and had hopes for bright and successful futures. Once their addictions took hold in their brains, though, all of their dreams were cast aside.

“When we wake up in the morning, the first thing on our minds is to get high,” Valeen says. “Once we found out that each other was using, we were like, what the hell? We might as well all get high together.”

The episode features footage of the girls hunting down drugs and scrambling to inject them at the first possible moment. Camera crews captured a number of honest moments from the girls as well.

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“It’s a vicious cycle of misery,” Tiffany said at one point.

As you’d expect, the girls’ addiction has wrecked havoc on their family.

“I can't look at my daughters ‘cause I hate them,” their mother says. “They're disgusting. I'm embarrassed by them, I'm ashamed.”

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Dr. Phil offered to pay for rehab for each of the girls on two conditions: they check into separate facilities, and they go separate ways after completing their programs.

Here is a short video on their story:

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Photos: Huffington PostMailOnline


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