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Three Month Old Baby Dies On Shopping Trip Because Of Preventable Heart Condition

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Parents Gemma Williams and Jason Thomas have launched a campaign for all newborns to get tested for heart conditions after their three-month-old daughter died.

According to The Mirror, the couple had taken their daughter, Lexi, to a sale in Next to see what kind of outfits they offered.

“I went to touch Lexi’s face but she didn’t react,” Williams said. “Then I realized something wasn’t right and I shouted for help.”

A customer who was medically trained reportedly rushed to Lexi’s side and tried to resuscitate her while the couple waited for an ambulance.

“I didn’t think it was real. Before I knew it my child was gone,” Williams said. “The pain will never go – I have just learnt to cope with it.”

Lexi was found to have a rare illness known as total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage, which means that very little oxygenated air is pumped around the body.

Now, Williams and her husband have called for all newborns to get the “pulse oximetry” test, which could catch potential heart conditions. Williams noted that the test is necessary, since she doesn’t want other families to suffer from the same experience she did.

Since Lexi’s death, Williams has created a petition on to require the test for newborns, in addition to the other checks that are already carried out. Williams has argued that health boards wouldn’t even have to spend extra money on the test.

Williams and her husband have since had a healthy baby boy named Oliver. He is currently five months old.

Sources: Mirror, Wales Online / Photo credit: Wales Online 


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